All around us, we see humanity crying out for hope; we feel heaven longing to break in.


It’s time for transformation–to not just talk about it– but to stir it up, to birth it, to bleed it into existence.

It’s time we become the ones we’ve been waiting for, ambassadors of love, agents of change.

It’s time for a new sound to rise, for fearless voices of hope that are ready to put the brilliance of Jesus on display.

It’s time for love to grow so loud that injustice and pain have no choice but to cease.


Calling all dreamers, influencers, lovers of God– IT’S TIME TO BE THE SALT.

SALT LA, is a conference that truly captures the heartbeat of Expression 58 Church in Los Angeles. Through three powerful days of dynamic teaching, presence-filled worship, and inspiring testimonies, you’ll walk away not only personally renewed but equipped to carry the transformative power of the Kingdom with you, wherever you go.